Inside My Closet: A Closer Look At Easy Storage Ideas

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A little while ago I was getting ready to go out and as was customary I struggled to detangle necklaces and earrings and sort through plastic bags for bracelets and rings.  Enough was enough.  A change needed to be made.  The first thing I did was get the necklaces taken care of.  My mother swears by command strips and I’ve never used them so I decided to give them a try.  They worked perfectly.  I went ahead and hung some extras for necklaces I may buy later but I do have plenty left over to add even more.

inside my closet 04

When I first bought the wood plank I thought about putting some sort of decorative element into it but really I wanted to focus more on the functional.  Originally I had one hook in each corner with a string tied to each one horizontally, but once the sunglasses were hung the string sagged terribly so I added tacks as anchor points for strength.  This worked well.  I didn’t do it here, but I would suggest alternating the tacks on the top and bottom so that when the sunglasses are hung the bottom of the top row doesn’t fall into the bottom row.

inside my closet 10

This is a thread holder that I had to hold the large bobbins of thread for my serger.  Those bobbins are currently hanging out elsewhere.  I’ll deal with their storage when my craft area comes together.  Those are headbands in the bottom right corner.  I had some small cube candle holders that I was waiting to find a use for storing my lip gloss and lipstick.  The figurine was a gift.

inside my closet 11
inside my closet 12

These are desk organizers hung flat against the wall with tacks.  Before command strips were a thing I used tacks to get around putting holes in my dorm room walls since nails weren’t allowed.  I still use them now when I can since they leave really small holes. Fish hook earring are hung in the grates and hoops are attached at the bottom.

inside my closet 16

Here I bought a four pack of square cork board, glued two together (one wasn’t think enough to poke the earrings through), and hung them with command strips.  You’re supposed to stick the strips to the piece them line it up on the wall but since I didn’t want to struggle with lining things up and the cork board is so light I stuck both strips to the cork board then stuck it to the wall.  Perfect alignment.

inside my closet 19

I bought the glass bowls (I have five altogether) at a yard sale thinking I would make floral arrangements out of them.  They’ve been used for various things thus far and now two of them hold earring backs and q-tips and cotton balls.  My bathroom is small and only has one drawer for storage so to keep from constantly bending down I put some things in here instead.

inside my closet 22

For a while I’ve been trying to figure out a cute way to store my polish.  Storage racks specifically for polish are expensive and I’m not for putting holes in my walls if I can avoid it so this was the next best thing I could find: a $10 spice rack.  Next to it I place a couple body sprays to help me keep my sprays in rotation.  I have a basket that is finally starting to dwindle down.  Just waiting for the next big sale to fill it back up though.  Where are my old school Bath & Body Works sprays?  Plumeria please?

inside my closet 27

I got this bag from Ulta sometime during the summer.  It was only $10 so I bought two.  This one stores my pedicure supplies and I’ve got another one under the sink in my bathroom that stores my hair supplies.  I ADORE this tote.  I sincerely suggest you go out and get one if you can. Soap, coconut oil, lotion, slippers, scrub, clippers, and so much more.

inside my closet 31

This nifty device is a pot top holder.  In this one there’s room for eight clutches which is the exact amount I needed.  I don’t know about anybody else but these actually did not work at all for my pot tops.  Maybe my kitchen cabinets are just too small.

inside my closet 35

Plastic canvas.  It’s used for needlework projects but here I use it to keep things from falling through the cracks.  I used it on the other shelf, too.

inside my closet 36

Tacks and snapbacks.

inside my closet 37

Shower curtain hooks hang my purses from the bottom of the shelves.  I like the hooks with the balls because in my head it’s going to keep from adding a terrible crease to my straps.  Also these hooks don’t snap.  Instead you push them in.  I feel like over time from opening and closing the hooks this one will maintain its shape and tension.  No broken snaps from overuse.

inside my closet 42

Off to the side I have a mirror and makeup bag I don’t use very often.  Keeping them here frees up floor and drawer space.

inside my closet 43

There’s a blank space in the middle that I plan to fill one day with something.  Maybe more hats.  In the meantime this works perfectly.  I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I haven’t come across any kinks.  Let me know what you think.  Any suggestions are always welcome!


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