Wedding Centerpiece: Reusable Mason Jar Cover – Behind the Scenes

A super awesome person had a birthday a month ago and for it I told her to pick a color.  She chose purple, and this is what I came up with.  I thought it would make an awesome centerpiece for for a wedding and it’s especially handy since the flowers and the wrap can be removed.


My wrap graveyard.  I messed up a few times, but no worries.  I had plenty of ribbon to work with (though I got nervous around that last wrap).

wedding centerpiece 1

The first issue I came up with is an issue I’ve had before, but never worried about because it was always hidden.  However this time around it wasn’t going to be hidden.  Depending on the material you are working with the hot glue discolors it, makes it a bit darker.  The way I fixed it is by putting a drop on the ribbon and with my finger (I’m so used to the burn) I spread it out.  You have to be quick though.  The temperature of your finger cools the glue plus hot glue dries fairly quick anyway.  If you move too slowly you’ll have to spread another layer and that defeats the purpose.

One of the other problems I ran into was cutting the ribbon too short.  Gluing the loop and hook fasteners on the wrong sides.  There were a couple design aesthetics I fixed also so that where the butterfly sat it wasn’t so bulky.

So.  What did I do with the scraps?  Some pieces I wasn’t able to salvage, but one piece I turned into another style.

wedding centerpiece 2

Position your jar wrap and use a couple straight pins to hold it in place.  This should be easy to do since you put hot glue on the back of the wrap as a no slip grip (go watch the video if you haven’t already to see what I’m talking about).  Then grab some jute cording, wrap it around once or twice and tie a bow.

wedding centerpiece 3

Now how cute is that?  You can even experiment with cording that coordinates with some of your ribbon.


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