DIY: High Low Skirt with Zipper Embellishment

I’ve got a new video on YouTube!  This is my favorite skirt yet!  Something new I’m trying is that on the Mondays I post a video, there will be a blog post talking more about the video.  Inspiration, creative process, what was going on in my head, etc.  Maybe I can even post some bloopers.  Gotta laugh at yourself right?  The regular DIY/tutorial posts will be back next week and the weeks where I don’t make a video.

What’s up next week?  Come back and see.


The above skirt was the inspiration for my tutorial.  As the video stated, I noticed how often I used elastic in my dresses and I felt as if I needed to better show you how to do a certain step.  Hopefully I showed it clearly enough even though I had some technical difficulties.
If you can’t tell by now I’m obsessed with skirts and dresses.  I’m surprised I haven’t made a cardigan…yet.  Those things are so versatile.
Untitled #17


Come on, how can you NOT like these.  These can go for winter OR summer if you get a sleeveless one.  Just toss on a tank or sweater and BOOM: instant style.


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