Fun with Cupcakes

A little while ago I decided to play around with cupcakes and this is what happened.  Warning: this may or may not be pretty.  lol


I started with primary colors, plus green.  I figured I could make any color I want that way.  The cake mix is french vanilla.  I wanted something as close to white as I could get but still have some flavor.  I’ve never had white cake (other than the white chocolate cake I made a few years ago), but for some reason I don’t imagine it tasting very good.  And hey, you can’t go wrong with french vanilla right?  ANYway, the main purpose here was decorating and not flavor…but they did taste good.  Moving on…


Here I was really just trying to experiment with ways to make the batter swirl and also what would happen if I put fruit into the batter.  I didn’t get a picture of the mint green, but I actually had Andes mint chocolate pieces in them plus a bit of raspberry, too.  I thought the colors together looked nice.


I knew going in that the one on the very top right was gonna be trouble.  I got better at it as I went along.  Just had to remember the two thirds rule.  I used most of the batter for this batch so it was on to the next.


I love the teal.  Very unusual for a cupcake, as are most of these colors actually.  Maybe not the browns, which were supposed to be a lighter purple and orange.  Oops.


The first time I did this I used a spoon, but this time I decided to use the ziplock bag method…which I like WAY better.  Much easier to control distribution of the batter.  Just place the corner in a cup, spread the excess bag over the rim and pour in the batter.  I used one of my hair elastics to keep the bag tied shut and then cut away the excess so it didn’t get in the way.  You’ll see pictures of that later.


Batch number two ready to go.  The teal, purple and lime were pretty jewel tones and the brown and caramel reminded me of…caramel and chocolate.  Maybe butterscotch.  While doing this I was thinking.  This would be a really cool way to prank someone.  That brown could be a light cocoa chocolate then boom!  It’s really vanilla….moving on…


I was also thinking here that I could make a cool frosting my by not completely mixing the food coloring and the frosting.  Swirly prettiness.  It’s whipped cream cheese frosting by the way.


Adding the coupler was easy.  Cut a slit in the ziplock bag just large enough to slip your tip through.  Unscrew the plastic pieces of your coupler.  Then slide the smaller plastic piece over the top outside of the bag.  Put the larger piece of the coupler through the inside of the bag and screw it in.  Use the same method from before to add your frosting to the bag.


Leaf tip #70 in blue and star tip #21 in the rosey pink.  I must say, the leaf tip is NOT for what I used it for.  It didn’t even hold it’s shape.  As far as the star tip, it was a lot of fun to use.  Let me tell you though, it’s NOT as easy to make those swirls as I thought!  The one on the top right looks cute.  Not bad for my first try.


Basket weave tip #47 in the mint and dot tip #12 in the teal.  The basket weave tip was better for what I was doing.  I tried to do the obvious basket weave.  On one side you get a ridged ribbon and on the other side you get a smooth ribbon.  I even tried ruching it so to speak and that actually came it nice from the ridged view.  Swirling it? No.  So that takes me to the dot tip #12 which I was actually excited about.  I don’t think it came out that badly.  Am I right?  I thought the monster dots were cool.  The just remind me of monster something or other.  But hey look!  I took a stab at TWO colors.  Go me!


I pretty much used all of the teal.  I thnk it was my favorite color of them all.  One thing I wall note: it was somewhat hot when I mixed the frosting so I wonder if that made my swirl, swirl the way it did.  It was pretty loose.  Or it could have been the whipped frosting.  Below are a bunch of pictures of how the inside of some of my cupcake came out.



I really like the jewel tones together.  I think they are my favorite.



I hope this was somewhat helpful at least.  This was wasn’t as much of a tutorial as it was a follow me while I try something new type thing (I’ll think of a better name for that later).  All of my social links are below.  If this inspired you to try the wonderful world of cupcake decorating please share because I’d love to see.


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