DIY: Aztec Print Dress

Believe it or not, I had this dress in mind when I started.  I wasn’t able to find the fabric appropriate for this dress, so as usual I kinda winded it.  This is what I came up with.  Beautiful Aztec print don’t you think?


What you’ll need:
2 yards 60 inch knit fabric
1 yard trim for straps
comfortable fitting knit shirt
8 feet of trim for the neck line and bottom of the dress (optional)
Note: all of this is just a guide.  You made need more or less.


First fold your fabric in half.  Normally I lay the fabric the same as it would be from the bolt, but this time you’re going to fold the fabric so that the cut edges are together and the selvages are on the sides.  Note: if you have a directional fabric you’ll have to cut on the fold and flip one side around so that the print isn’t upside down on one side.


Get a knit shirt that fits you comfortably.  It will be easier to cut your straps if you get a shirt that already has a strap style you like.  Place a pin at the waist.  Cut around the top of your shirt.  It’ll be easier to manage your fabric if you wait until you have to cut your straps to cut the fold open.  Leave enough room for  half inch seam allowance.  This shirt fits me loosely so I didn’t leave one.


Cut down the other side until you have something like this.  Fold your fabric in half and trim the sides and bottom so it’s even.  I forgot to trim the bottom.  Oops.  Set the larger piece of fabric aside for now.


With your fabric still folded, place your ruler along your waist line to use as a guide.  Cut at an angle bottom left to upper right.  It doesn’t have to be a strong angle.  Use your ruler as a guide.  Open up and your fabric, then set it aside.


Fold your other piece of fabric selvage edge over to the side you cut your dress from.


Mark the center of your fabric with a pin.


Use your strap or some type of string as a guide for drawing your triangle.  Even up the bottom edges (I also forgot this part), but don’t cut away any length just yet.


Now this little piece her.  I hadn’t planned using it, and you still don’t have to, but to waste as little fabric as possible I’m going to add it to the sides.  Cut the fold and flip it around so the point is at the top.  You will have four triangles altogether.


Go ahead and sew the smaller triangles together as sewn making two pieces.  This is how your fabric should look once everything is laid out.


Sew one large triangle into each slit on both sides.  It helps keep the slippery knit manageable by placing pins in various places where your neckline will be and also above your waist.


Sew down the sides of your dress from the bottom of your sleeve up to curve in your waist.  Then sew your small triangles the same as your did your large triangles.  Does anybody else see a spider?  lol


Now for your sleeves and neckline.  Mark the middle of your dress.  Still wait on cutting the fold!  Slowly cut away from your neckline until you get something you like.  By keeping the fold you can try on your dress and alter it as you need.


Once your satisfied with your neckline, you can leave your straps as the are.  Just hem it and move onto the bottom of your dress.  I opted to use a separate set of straps.  Cut away at the straps on your dress.  Then fold your trim in half and cut on the fold.  Make a hem on the back straps of your dress and pin your trim in the center.  Sew.


Sexy time!  The easiest way to judge how your straps will fall is to try on your dress and adjust the straps to your liking then pen them in place.  This way you can fit your straps around your favorite bra.


Use a pin to hold your strap placement then lay the other strap next to it and cut it evenly.  Sew the front of your straps on and trim the excess trim away.


More spidery-ness.


Lining up with the bottom of the dress, cut a straight line across.  I used Aerie’s leash as a guide since my ruler wasn’t long enough.   Then measure about 6 inches down from the bottom of your dress and mark the center of your triangles.


Use a piece of string (I used the leftover trim from my straps) as a guide to cut your large triangles.  I later went back and trimmed my large triangles down some.


  1. Cut an even line (or curve) across for a uniform length.
  2. Make it a high-low dress!  Click here to see how to do it.

Do all of your hemming and you’re done!  Please let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  I’d love to see pictures of your finished dress so please share.  All of my social links are listed below.  Until next time and thank you for reading!  😀

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