Jeans to Shorts

A really good pair of jeans is hard to come by.  A pair that gives you curves in all the right places and doesn’t cut off circulation in your mid-section.  Muffin top?  Nope!  Indeed they were my comfortable go to pair of jeans.  So you can imagine my horror when I noticed the rip…after I’d been wearing them all day.


Now the tricky part for me is where the rip was located.  I’m not into short shorts so I figured cuffing them would add a little extra length.  You don’t need much.  The jeans, a clear ruler, some pins, something to mark your fabric with and a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors.  The rotary cutter I think is easier to use.


Decide how long you want the cuff to be.  For the sake of this tutorial, it’ll be 2 inches.  Draw a line wear you want the top of your cuff to fall.  Keep in mind that your shorts will be 2 inches longer than this line.  Draw a line 2 inches below the first line and another line 2 inches below that line.  Te last line should be 4 inches below the first line you drew.  If you didn’t use a 2 inch cuff, the last line should be twice as far from the first line as your cuff is long.  Use your rotary cutter of scissors to cut away the bottom portion of the jeans.


Roll your hem up to the second line you drew, then roll it again to the first line you drew.  Pin it in place.  The best place to sew would be to sew to the left of the or right of the seam.  Even better if you can sew over a seam that’s already there.  I learned this the hard way by breaking a needle trying to sew down the middle.  lol


And there you have it!  Tag me on Twitter and Instagram @EmeraldLilyCS with pictures of your shorts.  #ELCS  I’d love to see!  Also, like my Facebook page and subscribe to me on YouTube @Emerald Lily Craft Studio.  I sell handbags and wreaths through my Etsy shop and hold the occasional auction on eBay.  Until next time!

Oh yeah!  Click here to see where that picture came from.

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