Fun with My Juicer!

I got a juicer for Christmas and I’m getting ready to play with it!  Sweet!

This isn’t my first attempt with my juicer.  I got excited Christmas day and juiced a few oranges and a carrot we had lying around.  THAT was interesting.  This time I purposefully went out and bought some fruit to experiment with.  The selection wasn’t as big as I was hoping, however I think I got some good stuff.


Two tangelos, one red delicious apple and about 3/4 lb of pineapple.


Two tangelos, one red pear and about 3/4 lb of pineapple.


I had one pear and one apple leftover.  One trick I did with my juicer which may work for yours is to put a plastic bag where your pulp is dispensed.  This makes for super easy clean up!


Instead of using the plastic cup to empty the juice into I used my handy mason jars instead.  The smaller two were perfect for the single apple and pear that I had left over.

The juice was thicker than I imagined it would be.  It’s definitely something I see myself doing OFTEN.  I think the apple/pineapple/tangelo combination is my favorite of the bunch.  I was especially interested in the pear juice.  I’ve never had it before.  The fruit alone is super tender and sweet.

While I was cleaning my machine I let the juice sit so that most of the liquid settled at the bottom then skimmed the top.  I left some of the fuzz though.  I added a few cubes of ice and filled the jar to the bottom of the brim with water then shook it up nice and good.  I imagine these would keep for a few days at least.  I’ll probably never find out though.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Fun with My Juicer!

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