My Perfect Bag

Hello!  I decided to make my first official post about my perfect bag.  I started drawing sketches for this bag a few months ago, but me being me (refusing to spend money on myself) I have yet to make it.  I am currently carrying around this bag with an assortment of these wristlets filled with these purses.  I’ve been carrying it for almost a year now and I’d like a change.  For Christmas I got a gift card with a note specifically telling me to spend it on myself.  So after a few days of pondering I’ve decided to make a new bag specifically tailored to me.


What I carry around.

So first things first.  What do I carry around with me (don’t judge my essentials, lol)?

  • phone (my connection to the world)
  • wallet (self explanatory)
  • body spray (smell good refresher)
  • lotion (skin has to stay hydrated)
  • tablet (my big phone with no texting or minutes and bigger pictures for showing off my crafty side)
  • keys (I like driving and getting in to my house)
  • sketchbook (lists, ideas, notes, doodling)
  • small file folder (gotta keep small papers handy and organized)
  • wristlet (holds small knick knacks like pens and chewing gum)

Other things that make their way inside include but are not limited to:

  • groceries
  • clothes
  • laptop
  • books
  • lunch
  • shoes
  • water bottle

With that being said, I need storage storage storage so that means pockets pockets pockets. Zippers and key finders and bellows and elastic and big.  It has to be big.  It also has to double as an overnight bag when I make trips to visit friends out of town.

Now for structure.

We’ve already established that it has to be big.  Every purse I’ve ever bought had a zipper and/or magnetic closure that I never used so the likelihood that either would make it in to my bag is slim, though the zipper is more likely than the magnetic closure.  It wound up irritating me to snap open every time I needed to get into my bag or my bag was always so full it didn’t stay closed at all.  I prefer shoulder straps to cross body straps.  I don’t have to worry about slipping it over my head and slipping it on and off my shoulder is quick and easy.  A simple rectangle box works for me as far as shape.  If I’m going to go crazy with design I’d rather splurge on…

The pretty stuff.

I am a sucker for floral prints.  It seems no mater how hard I try I am just drawn to them.  I also like chevron and bird silhouettes.  I’m kinda hooked on this guy, too.  Find something that looks like spring and you’ll pretty much have me down.

And bright colors.  Can’t get enough of those.  Some of my favorite combinations are red/black/white, yellow/grey, lime/blue/white, hot pink/black, turquoise/coral/cream, black/cream, orange/pink and navy/read/cream.  I like to wear purple…even though my favorite color is lime green.  Just thought I ‘d throw that in there.

Bows are nice embellishments.  One that ties in the front or to the side.  I’d also like to sew on some sequins for a little flare.  I’ts not something I’d normally go for but since I’m making this as a gift for myself I figure why not.  No boring zipper pulls!  I’m going to bedazzle mine with beads and ribbon.  And what perfect bag would be complete without a monogram?  I’d got an idea for a phone pocket that would look nice with my initial on it.

I won’t say I’m big on texture, but it’s definitely something I notice.  I like the feel of linen and twill and the heavier weight upholstery fabrics.  Playing around with textiles adds a whole new dimension to a bag or anything for that matter.  It determines durability and how it’s cared for.  Can you wash it?  That’s a must.  And I’d like to be able to toss it in the washing machine if I can.

I’m super excited about getting started with this.  What  makes your perfect bag?  Are you more concerned with utility than style or would you like a balance of both?  Let me know in the comments below!

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