Seafood Soup

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Yaum Yaum Sauce

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Mustard Vinaigrette

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Salad Starter

I’m in the mood for a salad, so I’m going to share how I usually do mine.

Hot Wing Sauce

Let me first say I apologize for inundating you with yet another hot wing sauce recipe.  Most of what I see out there is simply Red Hot hot sauce and butter with some garlic and salt to taste.  Mine is different.  Let me show you.

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DIY: Nightmare Before Christmas Gift Bag – Jack Skellington Gift Bag

I have a super awesome friend who had a birthday back in July and I decorated her gift bag in the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Specifically Jack Skellington.  This is a recreation of the bag I made her.

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DIY Journal from Composition Notebook

I’ve been writing in journals since I was 11 years old.  That’s almost 20 years.  It’s why I have had several blogs over the years.  Some for personal reasons and others for fun.  And while I don’t write in them like I used to (I’ve had my current one for two years) I still use them as a way to express myself without fear of judgement. TIP: write people letters as if you’re talking directly to them, everything you wish you could say but are too afraid to or know you shouldn’t or as in some cases with me in the past, can’t.

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White Chocolate Cream Cheese Topping

The other night I found myself craving cream cheese frosting so I took to Pinterest to look for frosting recipes I’d saved (hurray for actually using saved pins!).  After searching for a while I came across this recipe.  It used heavy whipping cream and not very much sugar so it intrigued me.  I’ve made an almond buttercream before and it used so much confectioner’s sugar.  I wanted to avoid that if I could.  Also, me being me, I had to figure out how to add white chocolate to it.  Well I decided to substitute the granulated sugar for confectioner’s sugar.  Somehow I thought that would make the whipped frosting thicker (I don’t like the texture of whipped frosting) but nope.  I have since found out that confectioner’s sugar thins, not thickens.  So it doesn’t act like flour?  Who knew?  Either way, the taste was a hit and most people liked or didn’t mind the consistency.  I, however, was not pleased.  After giving it some thought I decided it would make a great fruit dip.  It’s creamy like yogurt a not at all too sweet.  I made it again and it turned out even better.

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Inside My Closet: A Closer Look At Easy Storage Ideas

Watch the YouTube tour here.

A little while ago I was getting ready to go out and as was customary I struggled to detangle necklaces and earrings and sort through plastic bags for bracelets and rings.  Enough was enough.  A change needed to be made.  The first thing I did was get the necklaces taken care of.  My mother swears by command strips and I’ve never used them so I decided to give them a try.  They worked perfectly.  I went ahead and hung some extras for necklaces I may buy later but I do have plenty left over to add even more.

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White Hot Chocolate with Cardamom

It’s the time of year where no one will question my desire for a cup of hot chocolate.  Well, not like I really need an excuse, but you know.  White chocolate is my absolute favorite and I’m always trying new ways to eat it.  Someone told me straight out of the bag isn’t the best of ideas.  Oops?

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